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Starting Realities - Theatre Workshop

  • Kerala Museum Ernakulam, KL, 682024 India (map)

Drama Queen is coming to Cochin!!!

Anuja Ghosalkar, Bangalore-based theatre actor, writer and director will be holding a workshop in a new and evolving style of theatre that blurs the lines between factual documentation and artistic sensibilities in storytelling.

Documentary theatre uses existing materials/documents, newspaper articles, interviews, letters, archives, photographs or videos, about real events and people as an entry into performance-making. And what happens when vital documents like birth certificates, ration cards & photos of our loved ones are missing? When all the personal belongings are washed away? How do we deal with the loss of our family and home, and begin the process of healing?

Rather than documents, this workshop will focus on responding to people's narrative asa performative tool. It will use documentary theatre to enable sharing of personal stories, reflecting around current events towards healing!

Called Documentary Theatre because it makes use of personal histories and archives to create thought-provoking performances, Anuja's theatre company Drama Queen are at the forefront of this style of practice that brings practitioners into dynamic engagement with topics in their work while it invites audiences to become active participants in the process of inquiry, from before, during and even after the performance.

The workshop is open to all adults, 
#Nonactors #Activists #Journalists #Artists #Students #Academics#Writers #Researchers #Historians #Storytellers

Dates: 12th Oct from 7PM to 9PM, 13th Oct from 10AM to 4PM, 14th Oct from 10AM to 4PM

Workshop Fee INR 1800/-

Registration is open till the 5th of October.

Anuja Ghosalkar is a theatre actor, writer and director based in Bangalore. Anuja has worked with other theatre directors, among them, Atul Kumar, Abhishek Majumadar, Kirtana Kumar and Arundhati Raja. She teaches theatre to young adults and children across Bangalore through Jagriti and Ranga Shankara programmes. When not doing theatre, she works on Experimenta, a festival of moving image art in India. In the past, Anuja has worked as a programme officer at the India Foundation for the Arts (IFA) in film research, curating, writing and teaching cinema. Recently, she was an artist-in-residence at Art Lab Gnesta, Sweden, where she wrote LADY ANANDI.