Support the Kerala Museum

Why support the arts?

In the words of our founder, R Madhavan Nayar,

Knowledge of the arts makes better citizens…

In the old days a king would be a patron. Through royal patronage of the arts, the stories of the greatness of a ruler and the dominant culture would be preserved for future generations. How do we preserve culture today? As a patron of the arts of the 21st Century, you would probably not house artists in your lavish home or order frescoes on your ceilings, but you might instead commission a painting, support an upcoming artist or lend support to established arts institutions like your local Museum and touch a great number of lives.

Why are the arts so important?

The arts are important because they bring communities together to co-create a story of our existence. The arts gives us the power to be better, more sensitive and more informed people.

At the Kerala Museum we provide a space for adults and children to appreciate history and art. We provide relevant alternative learning to support mainstream education through a year-round calendar of programming. There are a great many opportunities for personal and community development via workshops, masterclasses, regular meets and memberships.

When you give, remember that you are giving not TO us but THROUGH us, to a worthy cause.

We know that the act of giving can be hugely satisfying. Contributions of any scale are most welcome. We promise you that the gift you give will support us in the fulfilling of our mission goals of education and learning for everyone.