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Every Malayalee child should know the history of Kerala!

Over the years, Kerala Museum has increased the quantum and quality of our offerings. There is something for for people from all walks of life, from children to grandparents and from locals to tourists to NRI's. Every project and program calls for support from the community we serve.

A KM Version 2 is in the pipeline with plans to upgrade our facilities, create welcoming spaces, provide quality programming and increase the reach of our community development projects.

As a corporate, you can pick a specific project to sponsor. You support could go towards our education programmes or help Kerala grow by supporting our youth employment programme. You could invest in our small infrastructure projects, volunteer your expertise with us, sponsor our Annual Museum Fest and or even our regular monthly programming.

We invite you to be a title sponsor of one of our many development initiatives that fall under the CSR categories of Education and Art & Culture. 

Benefits to Funders and Collaborators

  • Logo and Branding in all Print and Digital Collateral.

  • Branding and Promotion on Museum grounds.

  • Verbal mentions on all presentation platforms and exclusive speaking spots at our public event.

  • Fitting CSR profile – Education, Art and Culture, Youth employment.

  • Social Media Tagging and dedicated posts

  • Exclusive branded souvenir distributed to students on occasional events

  • Especially Curated Visits for employees of the funding agency. Discounts on tickets and invitation to events to allow Team Building

  • The Museum is a not-for-profit entity and can provide Tax benefits under 80 (G).

  • Regular Reporting and Monitoring of projects to be included in the Funder’s newsletter/website/outreach.


Energy Infrastructure - Genset

Our valuable paintings require 24/7 air-conditioning for their preservation. Campus safety is also essential for activities that take place past daylight hours of 5pm.  

The campus currently runs on a 20 year old manual generator system. This requires manpower and furthermore, is far from efficient.


Children's Play Space

A great attraction that would add to the popularity of the Kerala Museum for children on school visits and families in a 3 km radius. An outdoor gym would enhance our outdoor spaces, giving children opportunity to release energy and enjoy nature.


Children's Learning Centre

This is a project that proposes to utilise the unused or under-utilised spaces of the Kerala Museum to maximise their programming. Including an AV section, curated content, semi covered outdoor spaces, furniture and worksheets and other material annually.

Leela Sampson.JPG

Museum Programmes

Our annual programming allows for infinite learning opportunities for all ages on a diverse range of topics from traditional arts, film, art, wellness, food etc. Your brand could choose to be associated with one of the following categories: 1 Monthly Program; 12 Monthly Programs; 1 Quarterly Program; 3 Quarterly Programs; Museum Fest - Our 3-day Annual arts extravaganza with top performing artists. Also Workshops in Traditional Kerala Artforms


Campus Security

With a large sprawling campus, complete CCTV coverage of our campus is a very urgent requirement that would enable us to provide safe spaces for all. Enhancing campus security personnel is another essential area.


History Museum Upgrade

With this project, we aim to enhance visitor experience inside the History Museum itself.

Currently the content revolves around a time-bound show. The modern museum visitor demands more information delivered in an Audio-Visual format and the option of doing a self-guided tour. 

This involves addition of Visual info-panels, Film-Screening Equipment and Automation


Grounds Upgrade

This is a list of much required infrastructural improvements on our sprawling 30+ year-old campus. This project consists of several mini projects like an improved disembarkation Point & Ticket Booth, modern security cabin, upgrading drainage and plumbing, adding accessibility & signage, enhancing toilets & adding a parent rooms, modern lighting, improved fencing and compound wall strengthening.