ATTN: Special Educators

Diffrently-abled children and adults can also experience the beauty of our Indian Art collection and create art along with our facilitator. Our Art Sessions and ArtWalks for differently abled persons are very popular. Please contact our office if you are interested in organising this for your students.

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Expand Your Classroom

Yes, History can be fun!

We provide a range of programs in the Kerala History Museum and in the Gallery of Indian Art.

If your school is planning a visit, you may do the regular History Museum and Art Gallery tours and in addition pick from the following children’s  programs.

Please note that especially if you are opting for the add-on activities, prebooking is mandatory for us to ensure adequate material for your group.


A Day at the Museum

In addition to the regular History Museum and Art Gallery visit, your school can book a whole day of activities. This program is a full day-spend (10 am to 2.30pm) at the museum and aims to enable school groups to benefit from the museum in a planned and engaging manner. It is an effort to stimulate children’s thoughts by interactions and engagements with trails and workbooks created around various museum objects

Kerala History Quiz 

School groups have an exciting option of learning History in a competitive format. Our quizzes are designed to help students become keen observers. They will remember their visit better with fun quizzes conducted by our facilitators for your class. This takes place after they finish their tour of the History museum. This is for the 3rd Std to 8th Std students. Time 15 minutes. Pre-booking essential.



Treasure Hunt and ArtWalk

Many of the artworks in our collection are considered National Treasures. Find out why with an exciting Treasure Hunt Game followed by a guided tour of the art gallery, with detailed explanation of the history of Indian Art for teachers and students. Total time required for this is 1 hour.

Preschoolers do an abridged version of the Treasure Hunt followed by a painting session that is all about expressing creativity and having a great time with colour.


Art Worksheets and History Worksheets are available for school groups for different ages. These can be purchased at the Kerala Museum or you can contact us for a soft-copy of the same.




Pre-school and primary: Coloring Sheets and Map work

At the preschool and primary stage, children can have a wonderful experience engaging with the broad themes in the Museum by doing colouring work. Simple and fun map activities are also provided for understanding trade routes in which Kerala played a major part. 

Colouring sheets available are on Dances of Kerala, Vasco Da Gama, Ancient Transport Vessels, Spices of Kerala.