Planning a Visit?

  1. How much is the entrance fees?

    The entrance fees is Rs.150 per head for adults and Rs.50 for children.

  2. What days are the museum open?

    It is open on all days from 10 a.m to 6 p.m except on Mondays and government holidays.

  3. Is there any discount for visitors coming in large groups (10+ members)?

    Yes, there is a 10% discount for those coming in groups of 10 or more.

  4. Are we allowed to take pictures of the content inside the museum? Is there any extra fees for that?

    Camera and photography is allowed inside the Doll Museum and History museum but not inside the Art gallery.

  5. Is the Dolls Museum and Art Gallery in one building?

    No, there are three separate buildings: Dolls museum, Art gallery and the History museum.

  6. What are the timings and the dates for the ArtWalk?

    ArtWalk is conducted as per request. Please call 8129051880 to book an ArtWalk.

  7. What is an ArtWalk?

    It is a guided tour of the story of 100 years of Indian Art.

  8. What are the timings for the light and sound show in the History Museum?

    Every half an hour starting from 10 a.m to 5 p.m.


  1. Does the museum have a parking facility?

    Yes, there is space to park two-wheelers and four-wheelers inside the Museum compound.

  2. Is there any food court/restaurant on the site?

    There is a cafe behind the History museum which offers light snacks and beverages.

  3. Is there a toilet?

    Yes, toilets facilities are available.

Programs and Learning Opportunities

  1. Does the museum offer membership programs?

    Yes, the museum offers the Museum Connoisseur Membership plan. Being a member allows one to enjoy all the facilities and programs at the museum at a discounted price. For more information click on the link provided- membership.

  2. Are there any special summer programs for kids? Is there an age limit and what is the fees?

    Yes, summer camps are held every year. There is no age limit as such but kids younger than the age of 3 need to be accompanied by their parents. The total fees for the whole summer camp is Rs.3,500 but we give you the option to join & pay for individual sessions/programs too.

  3. Are there internship or job opportunities at the museum? What are the procedures?

    Internship opportunities are available all through out the year. For more information regarding application and procedure, click the link provided here.

  4. When is the next Tempera and Gold-leafing workshop?

    We have art workshops happening regularly at the Museum. Please visit our Facebook or Instagram page or subscribe to our Newsletter for more information.

Founder, Funding & Art Collection

  1. Who funds the museum? Is it run by the Government?

    It is funded from a small corpus fund set up at its inception, as well as corporates and private donors and well-wishers who support arts education. It is one of the earliest private museums in South India.

  2. Who started it?

    The museum was founded by Madhavan Nayar. It is managed by the Madhavan Nayar Foundation Trust. It is dedicated to the development and expansion of the museum as a centre for promoting the history of Kerala and our shared cultural heritage.

  3. What is the oldest artefact in the museum?

    The oldest artefacts in the museum are the collection of “Company” paintings which date back to as early as the mid-1700s.

  4. How is the art work in the art gallery collected and curated?

    Most of the art works in the collection were collected by Madhavan Nayar for the purpose of education. The curation of the artworks in the permanent collection, exhibition titled “Collecting the Artist” was done through support from the India Foundation for the Arts Museum Fellowship program by Supriya Menon in 2017.

This FAQ page was created and set-up for Kerala Museum by Christina Kattikatt, interning with us in May 2019