Hot off the press! by Aditi Nayar

Worksheets at the Kerala Museum are an enjoyable way to get started digging beyond the surface to find out more. Each worksheet originates from an exhibit in the Museum of Kerala History, (the Kathakali worksheet is an extension of the Kathakali exhibit), encouraging further exploration of each topic.

A 2nd grade student discusses the worksheet with his classmate during snack break

A 2nd grade student discusses the worksheet with his classmate during snack break

An excellent example of cross disciplinary learning, activities in the worksheet explore concepts in history, art and performance, inviting participants to play and experiment.

The worksheets improve logical reasoning, reading and comprehension skills, assist in cognitive development, enhance creativity and imagination, hone fine motor skills, assist in cognitive development and most importantly encourage children in school groups to work in a collaborative manner.

Available for adults and children, these are reasonably priced and what’s more, you can carry them home with you.

Pre-schoolers on the ArtWalk by Aditi Nayar

An action packed day for these tiny tots who visited our campus on the 12th of September. A meticulously planned morning, the teachers of Stepping Stones, Padamugal, visited our campus to check it out and worked with us to make up the ideal morning for the 3 to 5 year olds.

They began with the Museum visit and went on to a packed snack and juice in the shady cool of the trees. This was followed by the treasure hunt in the Gallery and a sponge painting session on a huge canvas in the Centre for Visual Art.

Immersive Experiences : For little ones like these, green spaces like ours are few and far between. Coming out on a field trip is a privilege but it’s even more memorable for children when they’re fully immersed in the process of creating. The pure glee written on their faces and in their laughs was proof of the success of the session.